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Bozeman – Cortez, CO


By  Devon

Bozeman is great place to live because I was raised there. I also have good friends and a good education in Bozeman. Bozeman has many good skiing places such as Bridger Bowl and Big Sky. Bozeman I think is good place to live because it has all of the seasons and there are nice, well most of them. Bozeman also has a lot of (well not a lot) pools such as Big Sky Pool and Bogart Pool. Bozeman is a great place to live.

Cortez, CO is great place to live. In Cortez, CO my grandma and my grandpa live there. The sea center there is a great to hang out. There is also great skiing place there. In Cortez there is a spectacular view of Sleeping Ute Mountain. In Cortez there is a great national park called Mesa Verde there is a great view a you also get most of the mesas up there. Again, Cortez, CO is a great place to live.

A reason to live in Cortez is that there is family close by. Also there is a lot of out door activities

like soccer and other sports. Cortez also has all of the seasons like Bozeman. Cortez also is close to national parks like Mesa Verde. Another reason to live in Cortez is because of its hunting. Cortez, CO would be a great place ton live.

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