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Bozeman- Cook City


By: Eben

            Bozeman is a very unique town. First of all, it snows just about every year. It is also a very decent town. One of my favorite parts about Bozeman is that there are not many people who live here. Also, it is a good place to live if you like to hike, because there are a lot of good trail systems. Even if hiking is not your thing, but you love to ski this is still the place for you. There are many great ski resorts like Bridger Bowl and Big Sky.

Cook City is also a very unique town. First of all, if it were any smaller it would only be a square foot. If you lived there you wouldn’t need a car. Also, it is a great place for sight seeing. Like Bozeman, it is also a decent town. The town of Cook City has Mammoth Hot Springs. If you have children, Cook City has a huge park for them to play in.
Some reasons a person would choose to live in Cook City are that it is right next to Yellowstone National Park and Cook City has a great diner with delicious food. Also, if you have a friend who lives in the town you would only have to walk a short amount of time to see them. Downtown there is a very fun place; it has a lot of wild life roaming around everywhere. Cook City and Bozeman are both very unique towns.

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