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Main Street Fitness


P1590832 By Jessica and Nina

               Let’s go back to 2005 when Main Street Fitness was just built. The owners were Mike Murgatroy and Rolf Wilson. They moved from 27th E. Main ST. They got their name, because they are on Main Street and work with fitness. They started the business because they didn’t want to work for anyone else. They have changed a lot. They used to be a training center, to a gym, to a training center and gym. The biggest event that happened at Main Street Fitness is when the “BIG R” burnt down.

They’re a young business, but they have a history. They chose their location by having a talk and deciding where to be. Their most popular class is personal training and weight loss. The least popular service is cardio. Their most expensive class is a I hour 30 pack.

Rolf`s schedule is: he trains until 10:00, he takes a walk and gets some towels, and then he trains for the rest of the day. Nine people work here. They do hockey training witch is unusual. They are not part of a chain. The newest class they have group and step classes.

They chose their location by making a decision. Their biggest problem is that they are in a basement. Their biggest competition is The Ridge. Their business is affected because they are downtown. They don’t have a favorite part; they love it all. He chose his work because he wanted help people. Rolf would like to change downtown Bozeman by having the snow plow his business right away. He would like more trainers. If he could use one word to describe his job it would be fun.

We had a really fun working experience. First we got to train somebody named Stephan. Then we tried out some equipment. He did a lot of arm and leg exercises. Finally we checked him out and set another appointment. All in all, we had a really fun time.

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