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         In 2007, downtown Bozeman was changed forever.  The store that changed it is called Heyday.  As you may know it was started in 2007.  The original owner is Lisa Rickenbaugh.  Although they don’t have any other locations, they still have a great business.  The reason Lisa started Heyday is because she really wanted to sell more variety of colors for table linens and candles.  The store has changed from selling home décor to more of a gift store.  The recession and the downtown explosion scarred Heyday with grief.  We don’t know when the escalator was put in but it was taken out the year that Heyday went in.  Now as you see history is important, because memories are history and memories are the key to life.

This store can be described in many ways.  They sell many things but the things they sell most of are signs that say positive things like “Money can’t buy happiness but it can buy marshmallows which is pretty much the same thing.”  They don’t sell a lot of rugs.  The most expensive things that they sell are fancy designer handbags that come in a variety of colors.  The types of people who shop there are happy, smiley and wonderful people.  The most unusual item they sell are Gurgle Pots which make a gurgle sound when you pour the water out or pour it back in.  The least expensive things they sell are greeting cards with funny captions.  Lisa’s daily schedule is to first take her kids to school, then take a short run, then do thinking work and then goes to the store to work.  Next, she leaves when she needs to leave.

The names of her ten employees are Grandmama, Lisa I., Bridgette, Kara, Kimmie, Angela, Diane, Melissa, Susanna and finally Howie the UPS delivery guy.  Now you see the uniqueness of Heyday and it’s beauty.

We asked Lisa and she told us her opinions about downtown and Heyday.  One reason why Lisa choose Heyday’s location is that she loves Main Street.  The biggest problem is that there is not enough stores downtown.  Their biggest competition is Target because they sell some of the same things for cheaper prices.  How the location effects their business is that tourists adore Main Street.   She owns Heyday so she really loves working there.  Her favorite part about working there are the awesome people.  She would like to change downtown Bozeman by adding more space to her business.  She would love a bigger store!  Her favorite object is a Tapi (which is only $6.)  This is her opinion of Heyday, what’s yours?

We had so much fun working at Heyday.  First we interviewed Lisa and toured the store and got right to work stickering the price to each item.  We sorted and arranged merchandise.  We took a look at the Tapi and found out that it is basically a portable water fountain that you squeeze the bottom of and then drink through the spout, the best part is you don’t have to take it off!   We also placed pillows and alarm clocks in baskets and moved them to the other side of the store.  We also shook out blankets and tablecloths and picked up books and garden bags then rearranged fold up bags. Stop by the store, we know you’ll love it!

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