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P1590825 Brynn and Naudia

       Head West started in June 2009.  The original owner was Charlie Brooks, but now Terra owns it.  Head West has no other locations.  Head West sells hats and western clothing.  It used to be an art gallery but when that shut down it became Head West.  Head West started as a resale store.  Now it sells new clothes from wholesale markets.  There was a gas explosion downtown which caused a lot of damage.  Terra has worked at Head West for five years, and they sell western and crossover clothes.

Women’s clothes and accessories are the best sellers at Head West.  Men’s clothing and boots don’t sell as well. Cowgirl boots are the most expensive thing in the store.  The people that come to the store the most is the summer are tourists and, in the winter, tourists.  The most unusual things they sell are cowhide coozies.  They have four employees whose daily routine is to spiff up, check the notebook, and change the manikins and take care of customers.

The biggest problem with Head West’s location is leak in the ceiling.  There is a bathtub in the apartment above them that leaves big puddles on their floor!  Their biggest competition is the Powder Horn, because they sell similar clothing.  Terra has an art degree from MSU and worked at the art gallery first, then worked retail with Charlie, the original owner, before she took over Head West.  Her favorite part of the job is how creative she can be.  Terra thinks all the open spaces from the gas explosion should get filled up with new businesses.

During our work experience, Terra showed us all around the store.  She showed us how to ring up the items and put tags on the shirts.  She also showed us the difference between the upstairs and downstairs of the store.

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