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Country Bookshelf


P1590826 by Jocie, Norah and Amelia

Looking for a good book? The Country Bookshelf is the place to be. Polly Renne started this bookstore in 1957. It used to be located on Babcock St. in the white chapel. Back then it was called White Chapel Books. Now it is the Country Bookshelf. Renne’s inspiration was that she believed the town of Bozeman was in need of a bookstore. The Country Bookshelf has changed over the years. The business has had three owners, different staff and ever changing books. Many book signings have occurred at the store. At one point the famous authors, Brendon Mull and Christopher Paoloni came and over 200 fans showed up. The old building the Country Bookshelf is located in is thought to be haunted.

At the Country Bookshelf you can find many different types of people, especially bookworms. Customers often buy Montana authors, new fiction and adult fiction. The least popular items are pens and pencils. The things that go for the most money are Atlases and Coffee Table books. T- shirts, stuffed animals and recipe holders are some unusual things for a bookstore to sell. The genre that they carry the most of is Non-fiction. The Country Bookshelf has eleven employees and is home to about 30,000 books. Their daily schedule for employees at the Country Bookshelf includes unlocking and turning the computers on. After that they tidy things up and make sure books have not fallen over and there are no ” holes” or spaces where no books are. They would put away any new books in the correct section. Then they help customers at the front desk.

When you walk into the Country Bookshelf there is a comfortable atmosphere. Tucker’s (the man we interviewed) favorite part of his job is being around books and becoming friends with the customers. Tucker chose to work here because he loves to read. A few of his favorite books include Harry Potter, The Wall and East of Eden. He has worked here for about two years. The founder of the Country Bookshelf chose this location because people often shop downtown.  A couple of the biggest problems with being located downtown is the two hour parking limit and the leaky roof of the old building which damages the books in a storm. The staff agreed on changing the hours of stores so that after their shifts are over they could buy meals. Their biggest competition is Amazon and Barnes & Noble, because they are cheaper.

Our work experience was great. First we interviewed Tucker. Then he gave us a full tour, including upstairs and the backroom. Next we scanned and placed books on their correct shelves. That is why the Country Bookshelf is a great place to go for a good book.

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