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Berg Law Firm


P1590834 By Sophia and Claire

    The Berg Law Firm is a very interesting business. Ben Berg, Mike Lilly, and Gig Tollefsen started it in 1970.  These three men started this business to work together. The only location they had was Downtown Bozeman.  Berg Law Firm as changed a lot since 1970, they are now more computers focused. The biggest historical event that has ever happened to the Berg Law Firm is the downtown gas explosion. The law firm was the only business to remain open on the north side of the street.

The Berg Law Firm provides state planning, wills and real estate services to the people of Bozeman.  The most popular service they provide is dealing with wills. The least popular service they provide is criminal law. The most expensive service is with the Yellowstone club. The most unusual service they provide is car registration. That is lot of work for only 13 employees! Each employee has a very tight schedule. It goes something like this: work until noon, have a break, work from 1:00 until 5:00. There are many different people that come to the firm. The most common are people that need advice, people who are in trouble, and people who want to do the right thing.

The biggest problem that Berg Law Firm faces is not enough space, but they kept their location because there is only one downtown. The law firm’s biggest competition is Goetz Law Firm.  We interviewed a very nice man named Jeremy. Who said his favorite part about his business is that he learns every day. He also told us that he would add a left turn lane to Maine Street. It was fun to ask these questions.

We had a lot of fun working here! We helped the employees a lot. We opened letters, a lot of letters. We also did some copying, stapling and removing staples. We stamped their mail too. Mr. Lefeber loves going to work and learning something new! We learned some new things too!

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