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Walter Cooper…by Harry

Walter Cooper

Photo of Walter Cooper from The Bozeman Daily Chronicle

Walter Cooper had an interesting life.  He was a busy man.  He came to Montana in 1863.  Six years later, in 1869, he settled in Bozeman.  He married Miriam Skeels in 1870.  The first of their three children was Miriam, born 20 years after their marriage.  He had many jobs.  He was a coal miner, merchant and miller.  He was a gunsmith.  He upgraded guns and made long-range hunting rifles.  In 1902 he had a business.  It was the Walter Cooper Co.lumbering.  They made 2.5 million railroad ties and other timber products.  In 1889 he had Bozeman Water Works Co., the most perfect system of waterworks in the Northwest.  He operated the largest four mill in the state.  Walter Cooper was very interesting.

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