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The Bozeman Symphony…by Noah


It was 1968 when the Bozeman Symphony took stage for the first time at the Ellen Theatre.  They had more than one hundred concerts squeezed onto this little stage, well aware that they had to be off the stage in time for the 5:30 matinee.  Glad to say the Bozeman symphony no longer does performances around show times.  Now the Bozeman Symphony plays in the much larger Willson auditorium.  Their first conductor, Dr. Reynolds, helped them reach a wider audience.

The Bozeman Symphony is an amateur orchestra with people that just like to play.  When you come to a concert you’re looking at your neighbors onstage.  The Bozeman Symphony is made up of four categories of instruments, the woodwinds, brass, percussion and strings.  Dr. Reynolds helped the nonprofit symphony and the modern symphony.  Now the symphony is made up of sixty members and has Mathew Savery as their conductor and still plays at the Willson auditorium.  You can go see a concert when they play at the Willson.


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