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The Baxter Hotel…by Matt

poster of hotel baxter from all posters .com

poster of hotel baxter from all posters .com

The Baxter Hotel is a thriving business and public venue.  The building was designed by one of Bozeman’s most popular architects, Fred Willson.  The hotel was named after Robert A. Baxter for his generous investments.  The Baxter was built in one year construction.  The grand opening was on March 2, 1929.  The Baxter is one of the Bozeman’s historic icons on how Bozeman came to be.

The Baxter Hotel was completed in March of 1929, the start of the Great Depression.  The architect Fred Willson worked on the interiors until 1951.  Now presently the upper levels of the hotel are apartments and the bottom levels are restaurants such as Ted’s Grill and other businesses.  A few days ago the hotel sign was lit up for the first time since the ‘sixties.  The Baxter is a very historic place in downtown Bozeman.



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