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Rosa Beall…by Katie

photo of Rosa Beall from morephoto

photo of Rosa Beall from morephoto

Rosa Van lierden was Gallatin Valley’s first white woman settler.  Rosa Van Vlierden came to the GallatinValley with her husband Abram Van Vlierden and her two children, Lola and Minnie.  They had traveled a long time to get to the Gallatin Valley.  Rosa Beall and her family came in a covered wagon from the East.  Then this magical thing happened.  They stumbled upon William J. Beall who promised them land if they stayed in Bozeman, so they did.  They built a shelter and lived there.  Later on Rosa Van Vlierden and her husband got in a big fight, and Abram stole the children and left, headed East.  Rosa never saw her children again.  So Rosa was left homeless, cold and lonely.  By this time some other people had moved into Bozeman and Rosa had made some friends.;  So a couple of friends took her in.  Years later she married William J. Beall and became Rosa Beall!



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