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Mary Blackmore…by Francie


Mary Blackmore was born in England.  She married William Blackmore.  They came to Yellowstone in 1872, which had just officially become a national park.  People called them “Lady” Blackmore and “Lord” Blackmore.  William Blackmore was a very wealthy gentleman.  He traveled to the United States a lot.  The couple agreed on this trip if either died while they were away they would be buried where they died.  Mary suddenly became ill and they stopped on July 17th in Bozeman.  Mary died in General Lester Willson’s house, they think of appendicitis.  She was in a space of five acres that was purchased by William Blackmore from the Rouse brothers.  They made it a cemetery and they named it Sunset Hills.  They name Mt. Blackmore in her honor.  She has a gravestone made out of granite and it is in the shape of a pyramid.  I have never heard of someone who has a mountain named after them and a gravestone that is made of granite and is in the shape of a pyramid.


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