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John Mendenhall…by Daniel

John Mendenhall (Real One)

Photo of John Mendenhall from the bozeman daily chronicle

John Mendenhall was an important figure in Bozeman’s history.  He was born on October 18, 1853, in Vebay, Indiana.  John married Mary Mendenhall.  He then came to Bozeman in 1865 with his buddies to look for gold.  Twenty to 30 men went with “Jack”, his nickname from his friends.  His pine Queen Anne-style home is at 521 South Willson, and he built it himself.  He was Gallatin County’s first sheriff in 1865.  Thirty-four men voted for him.  John constructed the first saloon in Bozeman with some help from Achilles Lamme.  John died in 1869, and rests in Lindley Park.  John’s son, Sam Mendenhall, became the first city manager.  That is the story of John Mendenhall.

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