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Gus Doane…by Nate

Photo of Gustavus Doane from Wikipedia

Photo of Gustavus Doane from Wikipedia

Gustavus Doane was born on May 29, 1840.  He also became second cavalry at Fort Ellis in 1869.  He was a well-known person for his liking in exploration.  He got picked for his ability to guide military escorts from the expedition in Yellowstone in 1870.  He had a good report on the area.  He also guided another vigorous journey in the Yellowstone area in 1876 in the wintertime.  Before he left to go to work in the southwest, he did some exploration stuff in northern Montana.  He was stationed at Fort Maginnis and Fort Assiniboine.  He got married to a lady named Mary Lee Hunter who was form Bozeman.  He died on May 5th, 1840 from heart disease.  He was buried in Sunset Hills Cemetery.  That was the story of Gustavas Doane’s military life.

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