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F. Jay Haynes…by Sydney

Photo of F.J. Haynes from Wikipedia

Photo of F.J. Haynes from Wikipedia

F. Jay Haynes was born in Saline, Michigan on October 28, 1853.

Jay Haynes experienced his first trip to Yellowstone in 1881, and at that point he fell in love with the beauties of the park.

In 1883, Jay Haynes was named Yellowstone’s “official photographer.”  He got this honor because very few of the early park visitors had cameras so he was relied on to take the photos.

In 1893, ten years later, his photos were shown at the Chicago World’s Fair, which strongly increased the amount of visitors to the Park.  The World Fair enabled him to sell 6,327 prints of his photos of YNP, even further increasing the Park’s popularity.

The Yellowstone photography business was turned over to his son Jack Ellis in 1916.

Another one of Haynes’s great accomplishments was creating a stage coach so people could come and see the Park, not only through photography.  He started with two coaches, and grew to 375 by 1911.

Haynes returned every year to the Park until his death in 1921.

In the end, many people believed the F. Jay Haynes was one of the most important figures in introducing people to Yellowstone through his amazing photography and great transportation.



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