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Bridger Bowl, MT…by Lizzy

Bridger Bowl

Map of Bridger Bowl from Powder Magazine

Bridger Bowl is a popular ski resort in the Bridger Mountains close by the town of Bozeman, Montana.  In 1949 the people in Montana negotiated with the owners of land around the area of the ski resort and bought 120 acres of mountain terrain to build the resort.  An automatic rope pulley system was installed in 1951 to pull the skiers up the terrain.  The local skiers did more for Bridger than the actual ski foundation.  When the ski foundation failed the local skiers held strong and worked hard.  Over 60 people volunteered to help make Bridger Bowl into a ski resort.  In 1955 Bridger was opened to the public.  See what people can accomplish!

The efforts of volunteers around Bozeman over the last 50 years have helped Bridger Bowl become what it is today.  Currently Bridger Bowl has 2000 acres of skiable mountain terrain, 8 chairlifts, and 2500 vertical feet, plus three lodges.  Through careful planning and growth, Bridger Bowl has become a large part of the community and especially its winter outdoor recreation.  This includes a free ski bus that goes to the resort as well as inexpensive lesson packages that help young people learn to ski and snowboard.  Bridger Bowl’s fame has helped Bozeman be voted the second best ski town in North America by a national ski magazine.

Bridger Bowl has plans for future expansion to the resort, including new lifts in the area north of the resort as well as initiatives for sustainability.  They are worried about global warming and so they want to do things that would help prevent it.  They are promoting ideas like carpooling, recycling and environmental education.  Bridger Bowl’s original mission is the same today as it was when it opened, that is to plan, develop and maintain facilities and services in a financially sound way to provide the best skiing experience at a reasonable price for local and out of town visiting skiers.  In conclusion Bridger Bowl, in my opinion, is the best place to ski in this area.

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