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By Emily


Neighborhood Poem
A neighborhood is a community within a city
Or town.

To me a neighborhood is a community
with people living in it.
Near distance
The boundaries of my neighborhood
are from a barley field
to Sacajawea Middle School.
So don’t go downtown.
In my neighborhood
we have a middle school
In existence.
I don’t know my neighbors too well
but we’re getting along just fine.
My family helped them
build their fence.
My neighbors are nice
with a new born baby
who loves to whine.
The houses in my neighborhood
all have big differences.
In my neighborhood we have
a seven acre park
My neighborhood’s only business
is the middle school.
The landscaping in my neighborhood
is green grass and beautiful tree bark.
My neighborhood reminds me of colorful flowers
Around a pool
There are cottages on Summerset
and large houses on Brookdale.
My neighborhood was named after a miner
Who was a strong

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