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Wild Joe’s


 P1590824 By Anisten and Isabelle

Wild Joe’s has an interesting history. Wild Joe’s started in 2008. Peter was the original owner of Wild Joe’s. Wild Joe’s has had no other locations, therefore is an only business. Peter named it Wild Joe’s because he got Wild from the wine bar it used to be. He got Joe’s from a cup of Joe. Peter’s inspiration was that he liked coffee. Changes for Wild Joe’s have been new ownership. They don’t serve wine anymore and they have live music now. One of the biggest historical events was the Obama reelection. Famous people that have come in are writers, Aaron Eckhart, John Mayer, senators and congressmen. Wild Joe’s serves five different kinds of roasts.

Wild Joe’s sells a lot of different items. They sell espresso drinks the most. They sell pizza the least. The most expensive thing they sell is a $20.00 hemp milk latte.  The most unusual thing they sell is art.  Types of people that come in are tourists, elders, students, and families.  Wild Joe’s has 14 employees.  Their schedule is open at 7:00am, lunch crew comes at 1:00pm, closing crew comes at 4:30pm and they close at 9:00pm.  They are not part of a chain.  They get their coffee from Red Bird Roasting.  Around 500-600 people come a day.

One employee, Chrissie, chose the location because she wanted to be local.  The biggest problem is parking.  Their biggest competition is Leaf and Bean because it is another coffee shop and has been in business longer.  Their location helps Wild Joe’s because a lot of people work downtown and are able to walk there.  Chrissie chose to work here because of the art.  Her favorite part about her job is the employees and the customers.  Chrissie would change the parking downtown.  She loves the schedule because it’s very flexible and it is fun.

We had a really good work experience.  We got to clean tables.  We brought coffee grounds to the compost.  We stocked the drinks.  We helped with pizza.  Interviewing Wild Joe’s was really fun.


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