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P1590838 By Bailey and Vivian

Vargo’s is a jazz and bookstore that was started in 1984 the original owner is Frances Vargo. He set up the store in downtown Bozeman because at the time Bozeman needed a bookstore. He named the store Vargo’s, because it’s his last name. One of the biggest historical events is was the big explosion down town Vargo’s was lucky enough to get missed. Vargo’s used to be located across the street from where they are now. That is just a little history about Vargo’s.

If you are looking for books, jazz music or cards Vargo’s is the place for you. Today Vargo’s sells most of books, records and cards.   They sell least of CD’s.  One of the most expensive things they sell there are rare books they range in price up to 500 dollars. The most unusual things they sell there are the humorous pins and magnets. Some people come hear to by jazz music by Ella Fitzgerald and other amazing jazz artists. Others come to look for books about art, Montana and a lot of other interesting subjects . Every day one out of 5 employees come turn on the lights and jam to some jazz music and wait for business to roll in.

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