Bozeman History

The Root


P1590835 By Sarah and Madi

Kim and Camille started the Root. Their first business was in Jackson Hole. They came up with the name because Bozeman was their root. The Root is here because Camille loved fashion so she wanted to sell clothes. Since now and then nothing has really changed except the location. Before they bought The Root it was Lynette’s Fashions. What Kim really does is be the buyer so she buys stuff for the store.

The Root mostly sells dresses, shirts and pants. The most expensive things there are the dresses. We think that the most unusual things they have is the manikin. There are five employees that work at the Root. The daily schedule is set up, open and wait. The Root has no problems. Kim companion is her sister. Kim loves everything she does and would not change anything.

Madi and I had a blast working at the Root. We dressed up manikins in cute clothes. We would look around the store and try to find clothes when we would find clothes we would give the old ones to Kim. We got to dress two manikins, and one of them almost fell over on to us. Our experience at the Root was so much fun I would love to go there again and work there many times


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