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The Leaf and Bean


P1590829 By: Madison, Braeden, and Ari

There is lots of good history about the Leaf and Bean. The Leaf and Bean was started in 1977. Glen Close was one of the original owners. One of the other places that the Leaf and Bean has been located is the Bridger Peaks Shopping Center. The reason Glen Close started this business is because there were no other coffee shops in Bozeman at the time. The reason the Leaf and Bean is named the Leaf and Bean is because they sell tea (leaf) and coffee (bean). The way this business has changed in the past is they upgraded technology, remodeled the Leaf and Bean, and finally expanded the Leaf and Bean in lots of ways. The downtown explosion was one of the biggest events in the Leaf and Bean history. Lucky it was only a couple blocks away. They had four owners before now. The Leaf and Bean was the first coffee shop downtown.

Lots of people have really good descriptions about the Leaf and Bean. The item that is most popular is their big sky Milky Way. The most expensive thing that they sell is milkshakes. The Leaf and Bean sells to all ages. Their most unusual things they sell are funny merchandise. The Leaf and Bean has seventeen employees. They have three people work in the day and three people in the afternoon. The most unpopular thing they sell is decaf coffee. The night hours are pretty slow. The Leaf and Beans most popular store hours are 8:30 to10:30. See the descriptions of the Leaf and Bean are very creative.

My partners and I went to Leaf and Bean to interview employees and help with their work. We learned about the business’ history, its description, and an employee’s opinion. The name of the employee is Erin, and she told us that she chose to work here, because it’s locally owned. She likes its relaxed and work related atmosphere. She also likes all of the tourists, business people, and that she knows all the customers. Erin said that the original owners chose this business, because it was in Bozeman. Also, she thinks their biggest competition is City Brew because they have a drive thru. One day when Erin was in the Leaf and Bean basement to get tea bags, she heard someone talking. She looked over and there was no one there. One thing Erin would like to change about downtown Bozeman is to get another hotel. To Erin Leaf and Bean’s biggest problem with their location is parking. But it also affects their business in a good way because of all the customers. My partners and I found out that Erin has an amazing opinion.

We all worked at the Leaf and Bean. We did at least three jobs. Ari and I cleaned the toys and books with a wet rag. We took out the trash. We took out the recycling. This gave my partners and I some good work experience. We had tons of fun. I would love to do this again.



  1. Grace says:

    I have a question, when you said Erin heard someone was talking and no one was there? You didn’t finish the sentence…I’m just interested:)

  2. Farington Milbert says:

    Great work by these kidlets! I miss the Leaf & Bean…

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