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The Bent Lens


P1590839 By Eben and Devon

The Bent Lens has much history to itself.  The business was started in 1982.  The owners’ names were Stan and Micky.  There are no other locations than here in downtown Bozeman.  The reason it was named “The Bent Lens” is because when light goes through a lens it looks as if the lens is bending.  The reason it was started is because there was no boutique in Bozeman.  The way it has changed over the years is that it has gotten better lenses.  The biggest historical event was the 10-year birthday party.  The best business day they have ever had was in 2006, and the owner doesn’t think the place is haunted.

This paragraph is to tell the description of the Bent Lens and they thing they sell the most of.  There are, of course, prescription lens glasses.  The things they sell the least of are croakies.  The most expensive things they see are prescription lens’ glasses.  The types of people that shop there are everybody, even people from other countries.  The most unusual things they sell are glasses’ frames made from water buffalo horns.  There are only two employees that work there. Their schedule is from 9:30am- 5:30pm.  They do computer work, clean glasses, and sell them, sweep the front of the building, and clean the tables.  It is not a chain, and the most frequently bought items are prescription lens,’ glasses and frames.

Chapter three: opinions of the owner.  The owners’ opinion on the location of the business is, “It’s downtown.”  She said that there’s no problem with the location.  Their competition is other optical shops in Bozeman.  The effects of being in downtown Bozeman is good because of all the walk-in traffic.  The owner chose to work there because it’s an optical store.  Her favorite part about her job is her clients.  She says she wouldn’t change anything about downtown.  The reason the owner wanted to work at a boutique is because she has been in this business for 30 years.

Our work:  My partner and I swept the front of the building, cleaned tables, and got our pictures taken.  We also met the two other employees.  We heard about what they do in the morning and met some customers.  We learned so much through this experience.

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