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Burger Bob’s


P1590828 by Lia, Alex and Tyler

Burger bobs is a business downtown that sells food. The business started in April 1994 by Bob and Kathy Fletcher. This business has never been located elsewhere. Bob Fletcher knew this was going to be a burger place so Burger Bobs seemed about right. The owners wanted a place where their daughter could work. The business has changed since about ten years ago, you’d order your food at the counter, and dress your own burger. Now there are waitresses. There used to be historical photos there, now there is a sports theme. And the photos are in the basement. Before Burger Bobs began, there was a pet shop and then there was the Sundog Cafe.

Burger Bobs sell a lot of burgers and milkshakes. They don’t sell a lot of seafood. Their steak is the most expensive. Their most unusual food is their seafood. Most of Burger Bobs customers are the downtown workers on lunch break. There are about 20 employees. Everyday, the manager comes at 8:00 and counts the money. Then the employees come at 9:00 and it opens 11:00. This business is not part of a chain.

Burger Bobs liked downtown for a location for good business. They don’t like downtown because of the hard parking. The person we interviewed was the managers daughter. She chose to work here because this was her parent’s shop. Burger Sobs biggest competition is Starkey’s. If they would make a change, it would be the parking.

We also worked there. Alex and I started moving food ingredients out of a cold truck. We scanned the boxes to charge a bill. Meanwhile, Tyler moved boxes and cans into the basement. Every week they change the bottles of mustard. So it doesn’t get old and yucky. So we squirted mustard out of the old bottles into the new bottles. Then I sorted silverware while the boys set up the tables. Then we put ketchup, mayo, ranch and mustard into to-go cups. For a reward, we got free milkshakes. Burger bobs has won “Bozeman’s best burger” fourteen years in a row. This is a very great business and their food does taste great. Our job experience was really fun and I hope we get to go there again.



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